After Their Birth, Do Babies Remember What They’ve Learned in Utero?

Can a fetus learn while still in utero? Do they remember what they’ve learned after birth? A carefully designed study by James and colleagues suggests that the answer to both of these questions is yes. To answer these questions, two groups of pregnant mothers were randomly selected for this study. Fetal behavior was studied within [...]

The Relationship Between Language, Music, and the Brain

The complete relationship between music and language at the neurological level is still a subject of research and, to some degree, a mystery. However, it’s no mystery that music and language certainly do share some brain space when it comes to how we process sounds. There is strong evidence to suggest that when you listen [...]

Right Brain vs. Left Brain

Some people will vehemently defend that they are “leftbrained” or “right-brained”, but we all use both sides of our brain. More importantly, we all have cells in our brain that communicate from one side to the other so that both may be of use. These cells live in a part of the brain called the [...]