From Right to Left: Cross-Domain Effects of Musical Training in Babies

Music is math. A human-derived merging of emotion and logic. Even listening to music is a formulaic process. By understanding the temporal structure, you can listen to music over time and make predictions about what will come next based on what you already heard. And you needn’t even have knowledge of musical scales. In a [...]

Shaping the Fetal Brain: Evidence for Long-term Learning Through Music Exposure

Babies are not the blank slates we once thought they were. Research shows that babies begin learning while still in womb, conditioning themselves to their world before entering it. And this learning can arise from listening, a sense that can reach beyond the womb’s protective cocoon to sample the outside world.   The auditory system [...]

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Perfect Pitch: A (Not-So) Rare Phenomenon

Pitch is the height of sound, ascribing meaning and emotion onto musical notes and spoken words.   Perfect pitch is the highly coveted ability to recognize any tone independent of a reference tone. And it’s quite rare, only 1 in 10,000 possess it. But some scientists believe that it’s not rare at all; research suggests [...]

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Social Interaction: The Missing Link in Your Baby’s Learning

The power of song to both soothe and stimulate babies is a universally known truth. Mothers instinctively respond to their baby’s cries by rocking them gently while singing sweet melodic songs, inducing a sense of calm and peace. As babies grow and begin to explore their world song is used to stimulate learning. Consider the [...]

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Surveying Sound: Your Baby’s First Critical Window

Sounds abound in our rich auditory world. As humans we take them in, wrap them in culture, create language. Neuroscientists have long been interested in understanding this uniquely human process of language acquisition. When does language learning begin and when does a person become bound to their unique language? Researchers have discovered that this highly [...]

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Right Brain vs. Left Brain

Some people will vehemently defend that they are “leftbrained” or “right-brained”, but we all use both sides of our brain. More importantly, we all have cells in our brain that communicate from one side to the other so that both may be of use. These cells live in a part of the brain called the [...]

Benefits of Music for Prenatals

The last months of pregnancy are mostly spent building cribs, buying stacks of diapers, and trying to figure out the safety locks on your kitchen cabinetry. You want what’s best for your child, even before they are born. And while all of the usual preparation is very important, there is one very simple exercise that [...]

Degree of Musical Expertise Modulates Higher Order Brain Functioning

Here is an interesting 2012 study that examines the impact of music truing on brain function during musical syntax processing. This is an excerpt from the abstract: By contrasting brain responses to harmonic transgressions against regular endings, functional brain imaging data showed compelling evidence for stepwise modulation of brain responses by both violation strength and expertise [...]