Perfect Pitch: A (Not-So) Rare Phenomenon

Pitch is the height of sound, ascribing meaning and emotion onto musical notes and spoken words.   Perfect pitch is the highly coveted ability to recognize any tone independent of a reference tone. And it’s quite rare, only 1 in 10,000 possess it. But some scientists believe that it’s not rare at all; research suggests [...]

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Your Baby’s Brain on Music

Music is sound. Sound is heard. But music is so much more.   Music ignites the brain, orchestrating a neural symphony between the ears. A melody drifts into the ear, spirals down the cochlea, drops individual tones onto waiting receptors. Tones are deconstructed and launched out on a variety of trajectories, simultaneously activating multiple regions [...]

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Official Beta Launch of the Nuryl App

We're excited to announce today that we are officially launching the Beta version of our app. During this time, our app will be available for free with limited features while still in development leading up to our official launch in January. To sign up for the Nuryl Beta User Program and begin testing, please fill [...]

Benefits of Music for Prenatals

The last months of pregnancy are mostly spent building cribs, buying stacks of diapers, and trying to figure out the safety locks on your kitchen cabinetry. You want what’s best for your child, even before they are born. And while all of the usual preparation is very important, there is one very simple exercise that [...]

Degree of Musical Expertise Modulates Higher Order Brain Functioning

Here is an interesting 2012 study that examines the impact of music truing on brain function during musical syntax processing. This is an excerpt from the abstract: By contrasting brain responses to harmonic transgressions against regular endings, functional brain imaging data showed compelling evidence for stepwise modulation of brain responses by both violation strength and expertise [...]